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Mama Dog Has Cutest Maternity Shoot Before Delivering Adorable Bagel-Themed Litter.

Like many rescued dogs, Koko has had a “ruff” life.

The shy dog was used for breeding before being rescued by Homeward Trails Animal Rescue in Fairfax, Virginia, and placed in foster mom Cary Smith’s temporary care. The shelter wasn’t sure Koko was pregnant when they took her in, but one look at her swollen belly told Cary everything she needed to know.

“I picked up my current foster, Koko, last week, and they weren’t sure she was pregnant,” Cary wrote on Facebook. “She is. Very. Koko requested maternity glamour shots. I obliged.”

Koko is such a cute preggo mom, Cary couldn’t resist dolling her up in ribbons and bows to capture her best (roundest?) side. She also promised this little mom-to-be that this is her last litter ever. What better reason to celebrate with some beautiful maternity photos?

Homeward Trails executive director said the photo shoot is a nice way to welcome Koko into a new home while thanking the dog for being such a good mama to her pups.

“While a bit shy at first, once she arrived in her foster home, she came alive: loving, playful and clearly wanting to be part of a family,” Sue told The Dodo. “Her awesome foster mom decided to capture her gigantic hippo-like belly with some photos. It morphed into an actual photo shoot to emulate what human moms do.”

Cary managed to squeeze in the photo shoot just in the nick of time. Koko gave birth to nine healthy pups just days later!

“She is such an attentive mom and has such a sweet demeanor,” Cary wrote in a Facebook update. “Plus, she loves bouncing around the yard for the few minutes she’s away from her pups each day.”

As if the maternity shoot and ensuing puppy pics weren’t cute enough, Cary named all of Koko’s pups after bagels! Poppyseed, Cinnamon, Raisin, Sesame, Blueberry, Asiago, Pumpernickel, Plain, and Rye will all be seeking their forever homes through Homeward Trails as soon as they’re old enough. Mama Koko is also up for adoption, and Cary hopes the perfect person finds her.

“Someone amazing please adopt her,” she wrote. “She’s the best dog ever and deserves only the best!”

Can you handle all this cuteness? We sure can’t! We love the creativity that foster parents like Cary show when trying to raise awareness for animal rescue. She really went above and beyond to get this sweet mama and her babies noticed!

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