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The Ultimutt Co-Pilot: Cyclist Explores The World With His Goldendoodle On His Back.

Many people refer to their dogs as their best friends, but for Cliff Brush, the sentiment is real.

Cliff’s BFF is a goldendoodle named Brodie, and together they’re taking adventures all over the world thanks to their newfound viral fame. It all started when Cliff decided to buy his 75-pound dog a special backpack so he could join him on bike rides.

Cliff has been cycling for about 10 years, but it was only a year ago that he decided to get Brodie involved. In an attempt to give his dogs enough exercise, he started going on rides with Brodie running alongside him on a leash. Usually he drops him off at home before heading out for a longer solo ride, but he noticed that Brodie always seemed sad that the fun was ending.

“I could tell [Brodie] didn’t want it to end,” Cliff said.

The Boca Raton, Florida dog dad purchased a K9 Sport Sack backpack and some other safety gear for Brodie, and off they went!

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In addition to the backpack, Brodie wears canine goggles to protect his eyes from wind, UV rays, and debris. They also give him a distinctive style that definitely gets noticed as they bike around town! People often snap photos and videos of the biking duo and share them online, but it wasn’t until Cliff started Brodie’s own TikTok and Instagram pages that their popularity went through the roof.

Cliff was even able to quit his job as an accountant and business consultant to travel the world with Brodie full time!

“He’s just honestly the chillest dog in the world,” said Cliff. “He doesn’t require much training in regards to just being down for fun and having a good time.”

Naturally, he has his fair share of critics. Some people think it’s dangerous for Brodie to ride on Cliff’s back while cycling, but Cliff explained that they’re “short, little joy rides.” He only takes the dog out every other week, and they only ride in safe areas of his neighborhood near the beach. They also go out during off-times to avoid traffic and keep Brodie home during the hottest times of day.

“We’ve never had a crash,” Cliff said. “I’m very cognizant of the fact that he’s on my back. We keep the rides really safe.”

These two best buddies are living their best lives, and looking good doing it! We can just imagine the smiles they bring to people’s faces on their adventures.

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