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Mama Cat Introduces Her Kitten To Her Favorite Little Girl In Adorable Clip.

A little girl holds a smiling cat in her arms as a small kitten places a paw on the girl's knee.

When someone has a baby, oftentimes, they can’t wait to introduce them to all of the most important people in their lives. In fact, this even rings true for our animal friends. For us humans, folks like our parents, siblings, or friends might be on our list. But for this cat, her list includes a friendly little girl.

There’s a video of the moment the cat introduces her kitten to the girl, and it’s the definition of adorable! The video starts with the girl sitting outside. Mom quickly approaches, already bringing this sweet kiddo joy.

Cat Introduces Kitten to Adorable Little Girl

Although this video has quickly gone viral, not much is known about the little girl or her relationship to the cat. Still, no matter how much or little they’ve interacted before this moment, one thing is for sure: This feline mom must really trust her!

“Mommy cat showing her kitten to her favorite human,” the caption reads.

As any parent will know, it’s natural to be intensely protective of your kiddos. So the fact that this cat takes the time to introduce her newborn to this little one says a lot about their relationship.

A cat sits in a little girls lap moment before she introduces her kitten to the girl.

With this in mind, the moment her tiny orange kitten appears is all-the-more special. The kitten gently lays a paw on the girl’s knee, letting out a small meow. In turn, the girl places the kitten in her arms.

Now, all three of them are snuggled together, happy as can be! Seriously, it’s no wonder so many people adore this video!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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