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Male Bird Dances His Feathers Off, But His Intended Mate Is Having None Of It!

Image shows a red-crested korhaan bird being snubbed by a prospective mate.

Nature can be amazing if you slow down long enough to watch. Alan Fogarty, a 69-year-old South African tour guide stopped during a tour to capture a wondrous ritual. During the safari that day, Alan and his guests had already glimpsed Casper, the famous white lion, with his pride. While traveling with his tour group, Alan heard an odd sound he recognized as a red-crested korhaan. He focused his attention on finding the source, eventually spotting the male korhaan.   

To his surprise, the male bird was only meters from his group! Focusing his camera on the bird, Alan caught the astonishing mating dance. The male bird dances around, bobbing and weaving to impress his potential mate. The female seems less than impressed with the display, at least initially.

Image shows a close-up head shot of a red-crested korhaan bird.
Image from a different video on TikTok.

The male bird doesn’t give up easily. He continues his mating dance, circling the female in a dizzying manner, singing to her. His movements seem choreographed by Mother Nature herself. When describing the sight, Alan stated, “The male’s dance routine was a fusion of a Michael Jackson performance and a zealous military leader losing control.” 

The red-crested korhaan is also known as a red-crested bustard. It is native to many areas, including Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Zambia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. This amazing bird can grow up to 1.6 feet in length but tops out at a weight of around 1.5 pounds. The korhaan is a non-migratory bird and prefers varied environments that can include bushveld, wet woodlands, thorny scrubland, and dry savannas. The female of the species doesn’t have the tell-tale red crest and is more brown than the male, but is equally beautiful.

Image shows a red-crested korhaan during a ritualistic mating dance.
Image from YouTube.

When out in the wilderness, whether in a safari situation or simply hiking in woodlands near your home, Alan offers sage advice. “Turn off your engines, remain silent, and let the environment’s sounds envelop you.” Observing wildlife in their natural environment can be an extremely rewarding experience.

Watch Alan’s impressive video capture here:

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here

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