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11 Friends, 1 Dog, And An Unforgettable Rescue: A Minnesota Bachelor Party To Remember!

Men rescue dog from mud with oars.

It was a typical weekend for Mitch White and his friends. They were out celebrating a bachelor party, navigating the tranquil waters of the Minnesota River. Little did they know, this bachelor party would transform from a leisurely canoe ride into a harrowing rescue mission. As the sun dipped low in the sky, and laughter filled the crisp Minnesota air, an unexpected bark would change everything.

As they ventured along the muddy riverbank, a soft cry for help emerged from the muddy abyss. The partygoers, led by Mitch White, the soon-to-be-married man, were stunned to discover the head of a 13-year-old St. Bernard named Ed, barely visible above the thick mud. What happened next was a combination of determination, compassion, and a bit of bachelor party heroism that will not soon be forgotten.

Bachelor party rescue dog in mud.

“The dog wasn’t moving on its own,” Mitch said. “So we were feeding it and giving it water. But the dog seemed like it had already used up all of its energy.”

The men took up their oars and began digging, their festive mood giving way to a focused rescue mission. They worked to free the trapped canine for over half an hour, as the dog’s energy waned after potentially being stuck for 24 hours.

With assistance from the Carver Fire Department, including fire captain Shaun Cox, Ed was finally free.

“Poor guy was unable to walk when we got him out of the mud, so we carried him back up to the house,” Cox said.

Back home with his owner, George Niskanen, Ed began his slow recovery — a happy ending to a perilous adventure.

Rescued dog sits in back of a truck covered in mud.

George was thankful not only to the Sheriff’s Department and Fire Department but also to the bachelor party heroes.

“I’d like to know their names so I could send a card of thanks,” he said, emphasizing the kindness and quick action of strangers.

From bachelor party fun to the rescue of a cherished pet, this unexpected event touched both participants and the community. As the story spread through Carver County, it became more than just a tale of rescue — it became a symbol of human empathy, the willingness to help those in need, even if it means a temporary halt to a celebration.

Rescued dog sleeping next to its owner.

Now, the people of Carver, Minnesota, have new heroes to cheer for. Indeed, this incredible act of bravery and compassion redefined the meaning of a bachelor party. It became a heroic tale of humanity, friendship, and the instinct to do what’s right. Will you be the one to spread this tale of hope and heroism?

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