Cute Pit Bull Who Loves Spending Time On Top Of The Fridge Is Convinced He’s A Cat.

It’s normal for a pet to pick up a few habits from their furry siblings, but have you ever met a dog who is utterly certain he’s a feline?


You have now! Meet Mako, an adopted pit bull who acts more like a cat than any self-respecting canine ever should. We’ll forgive him for everything though because he’s absolutely adorable!

Mako lives with his human family and two cat brothers named Pecan and Gizmo. From the minute his loved ones brought him home from a local animal shelter, they knew he was different.

For one thing, he spent all his time hanging out with Pecan and Gizmo and didn’t care for “dog stuff” like tennis balls or Milk-Bones. Instead, he craved cat treats and enjoyed playing with feathered lure sticks and other similar toys.

“They just kind of told us that he was good with cats, but they didn’t say anything about him acting like a cat,” his mom said. “He definitely likes to do what the cats do. The cats get on the cabinets. Once he saw them doing that, immediately he was up there any time when they’re there.”

These days, the pup thinks it’s no big deal to run into the kitchen and jump onto the counters. While his family has gotten used to seeing him on elevated surfaces, when they saw him get on top of the fridge, they couldn’t stop laughing!

They couldn’t resist sharing a video of Mako “the catdog” on TikTok, where he quickly went viral. Now, this precious pup has over 13.4 million fans, and he’s so silly that we’re certain more will come!

While Mako may be popular online, he’s still living his best normal life at home. At any given time, you can probably find him napping, eating, or hanging out on high surfaces with his feline BFFs.

Watch the video that made Mako famous below, and don’t forget to share this funny “catdog” with your friends.

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