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Magician Captures Hilarious Reactions When She “Pranks” Park-Goers

A woman looks at her phone as she "floats" while sitting. A man and woman walking past stop to get a closer look.

Imagine this: You’re enjoying a nice day at the park when you spot a woman sitting next to her baby stroller. Not strange, right? Well, now I want you to imagine that same scenario except, this time, the woman is sitting on nothing but the air, as if floating. That’s right — everything about her seems like she’s sitting on an object, but there’s nothing underneath her. This is the exact magician inspired prank Lillian Olney pulled off.

On social media, this content creator is known for making all sorts of silly videos. But one of her most viral has to be with this prank. In it, she captures the attention of other park-goers as they realize there’s something not quite right about the way she’s sitting.

@juliette_electrique One guy fell off his bike 🤣 #magic #magician #pranks #viral ♬ original sound – Juliette_electrique

While some try to be discreet, others don’t hide how baffled they are over how Lillian is sitting. In fact, one man even falls off his bike! If you’re just as curious as they are, it seems that lots of folks in the comments have figured out this mystery.

Lillian appears to be using something people are calling a leg brace magic stool. It’s portable, made of metal, and best of all, it can be easily hidden under clothes. How clever and sneaky!

Curious Park-Goers Can’t Get Over This Magician Prank

“I’d have to stop you or I’d never stop thinking about this,” one person admits in the comments. “I would never have a second of peace.”

Quite a few folks have pointed out that it seems many of the park-goers are actors in on the trick. In any case, people are still very much enjoying this silly, viral “prank.”

“Am I a magician? No,” another person writes. “do I need a magic leg brace to trick strangers into thinking I can float. Yes.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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