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Photographer Captures Mesmerizingly Beautiful Timelapse Of New York City Skyline

View of the New York City skyline as seen in a timelapse video.

There are many beautiful cities to admire across the United States, but New York City has to be one of the most popular. Between the rich culture and architectural marvels, there’s so much to admire. Some of the best views, of course, come from way up high. That’s why, when photographer Tristan got the chance to go to a rooftop party, he took the opportunity to get a timelapse of New York.

In order to get the best view possible, Tristan places his camera on the terrace. Once he finds the perfect spot for it, all he has to do is leave it there for a few hours and voila! The result is a magical view of “the city that never sleeps.”

Magical Timelapse Captures the Beauty of New York City

@tristankyro didnt even have a tripod, just left my camera on the floor. one of favourite timlapses to date #newyorkcity #timelapse #nyc #photography ♬ Plage Coquillage (First Kiss Song) – Tao Mon Amour

Although far from the roads below, the video captures the movement of cars as they travel through the city. But it’s what’s happening in the sky that captures everyone’s attention the most. Airplanes dart across the night sky so quickly that, at times, they look more like shooting stars.

“Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are shooting stars?” one commenter writes, quoting Hayley Williams in the song Airplanes.

View of the New York City skyline as seen in a timelapse video. There's a plane in the sky that looks like a shooting star.

In addition to the gorgeous view, seeing a massive city from this perspective makes folks think about life a bit differently — how cool is that?

“So many complex lives and we don’t even notice,” one person writes.

“I love night time in cities,” another shares. “It always blows my mind, so many people, all doing their own things, their own wins, losses, celebrations, sorrows.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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