Magical Moment Occurs While Woman Spreads Her Dog’s Ashes.

A woman sees the shape of a dog while spreading ashes.

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a beloved pet, but it helps when we know that they’re at peace. One woman is finding comfort in what she believes to be a positive sign from her departed dog! When the woman spreads the dog’s ashes, they took on a strangely familiar shape in mid-air before dissipating into the wind. Her sister caught some incredible footage of the uncanny moment, which she shared on TikTok.

woman spreads dog ashes and dog shape appears
Screengrab from @sunnybunnyballoons/TikTok

In the extraordinary video, as the woman spreads the dog’s ashes the ashes seem to form the silhouette of a small dog for a split-second. This might sound like a coincidence, but a photo of the departed pooch bears a striking resemblance to the figure in the air! Either way, it gave the dog’s owner one last meaningful moment to remember her pet by.

Watch the video below to see the magical occurrence for yourself!


Sharing my sisters story ❤️ They remain with us! ❤️

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