This Company Is Empowering People To Make Positive Dents In The World.

In a perfect world, it would be a breeze for everyone to do what they love, earn a living, and make a positive impact all at the same time. In reality, juggling all three is hard work.

After earning a Master’s degree in accounting and finance, Zach Weismann of Dallas, Texas, joined an accounting firm, only to take a different path a year later. He wanted to create lasting social impact – and spent the next decade building tools to support others on their journeys to changing the world.

zach weismann
MAG Impact Collective

Zach kicked off his career change by moving from Texas to rural Peru to volunteer with an NGO working on health and water sanitation issues. In the following years, he lent his skills to a global wildlife conservation organization and one of the world’s largest foundations. He even helped grow a global media and marketing company geared toward corporate sustainability.

Then, in 2018, he took the wisdom and expertise he’d developed along the way and poured it into creating his own company, MAG Impact Collective.

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Mag Impact Collective

The “unagency of sorts,” as Zach describes it, is a collective of designers, marketers, and other talented professionals on a mission to empower global social change through their services. One way they’re doing so is by using their expertise to support organizations, entrepreneurs, and businesses through their own causes, from conservation to improving education systems.

“In a world with social media abound, it can often feel like everyone is doing it bigger, better, more successfully, even when that pertains to ‘saving the earth,'” Zach told InspireMore. “We have found through MAG that even folks that have been running their own social impact businesses for 10, 20 years, still need support.”

mag members
MAG Impact Collective

In efforts to support a wider audience, Zach and team launched Make Dents, a four-week email course that puts people on the right path to turning their passions into meaningful work. It offers guidance Zach says he wishes he had on his own journey – and it only costs $15!

“[We] help each other identify areas of passion, areas of impact and set a course for greater impact,” Zach added. “As we all look to life in 2021 and beyond, all the more reason to do some self-reflection and connecting around how we can support each other to make more positive dents in the universe.”

No matter where you are on your journey to social good, Make Dents can boost your impact! Sign up here for just $15 and start making a difference today.

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This article is sponsored by our friends at MAG Impact Collective and Make Dents.

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