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19 Yrs After Stroke, Teen Stuns Classmates By Walking Across Stage At Graduation.

For high school senior Madison Scott, her “impossible” accomplishment was something most people think nothing of and take for granted. After defying the odds for most of her life, all she wanted to do was walk solo across the stage at her graduation ceremony.

19 years ago, Jill and Stuart Scott brought home a perfectly healthy newborn baby girl, Madison. Everything seemed to be going fine until, at 5-months-old, she suffered a massive stroke.


Jill and Stuart weren’t given a favorable outlook for their baby girl. They worried about what would be in store for her. She had to be fed with a feeding tube, lost the ability to walk, and suffered brain damage that could never fully be repaired.


But Madison is resilient. As she grew up, she continued to work on mastering the skills that most kids develop with no problem. She learned how to eat without a feeding tube, tie her shoes, and even take a few steps at a time instead of relying on her wheelchair.

She also excelled in school, and put a lot of focus on her studies. As she approached the end of her senior year, she was set to graduate with a perfect GPA and had been accepted into every college she applied to. Her professional goal? To make a positive difference in the world.


When graduation day arrived, Madison had a surprise up her sleeve. She had been practicing walking on her crutches for weeks in preparation for the ceremony. She wanted the opportunity to walk across that stage with pride just like the rest of her classmates.

And she did it!


Madison made it all the way across the stage assisted only by her crutches. Her classmates gave her a standing ovation as her parents cried tears of joy and pride for their baby who had come so far.

Madison was overcome with emotion as well, and broke down in tears after she accomplished something that at one time doctors said was completely unthinkable.


We have no doubt that with her determination and spirit, Madison will absolutely do great things to bring positive change into this world. She’s the poster child for what hard work and never giving up can accomplish.

Watch Madison’s inspiring story in the video below. Once you’ve dried all of your tears, be sure to share it with your friends!

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