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Grandma Makes Hilarious Accusation When Her Daughter Reveals Pregnancy News.

grandma pregnancy reveal

There are lots of fun ways to announce that you’re expecting.

Some people open an envelope to reveal a pink or a blue card inside. Some cut into a cake that’s been dyed with food coloring to let shower guests in on the secret. Other parents-to-be, though, get even more creative…

Ashley Embry, a 34-year-old music publisher and author from Nashville, Tennessee, chose the more creative route when she decided to share her exciting news with her mother, Wendy Hertzog.


Ashley asked Wendy to play a game called “Mad Gab.” In this game, the words on the card are spelled phonetically, so while they may look like nonsense, when spoken aloud they form actual sentences.

Ashley had doctored a few of the cards to make her big announcement, but Wendy was not doing so hot at guessing what the strange sounds actually meant!


Looking puzzled, Wendy forms the sounds: “eye mag own abbey aground mow there.”

Anyone listening can distinctly understand that she’s saying, “I’m gonna be a grandmother…” but Wendy just can’t grasp it! Frustrated but giggling, Ashley changes tactics and shows Wendy a new card.


“Ashley and Mason are pregnant.”

Ashley even tries to give mom a few hints. “Say it like you’re Italian,” she urges.


It takes her a while, but Wendy finally figures out what’s going on… and her reaction is adorable! You truly have to see it to appreciate how sweet and happy she is when she finds out she’s going to meet her first grandbaby soon.


The funniest part of the video, however, comes after the big reveal when Wendy asks her daughter a question that makes her blush hard.

Watch the video for Ashley’s face when mom puts her on the spot, and don’t forget to share to make someone laugh today!

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