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Homeless Man Gets New Coat From Stranger, Camera Catches Him Busting Into Happy Dance.

Creature comforts are something many of us take for granted each day.

Whether it’s having a good pair of snow boots to keep our feet warm in the winter, or having our grandmother’s quilt to cuddle with on the couch at night, it’s easy to forget that many people don’t have access to these comforts. In fact, there are millions of homeless people living on the streets, and those people would do anything for a taste of the amenities we enjoy.

That’s why it’s always so nice to see people giving out gifts to the homeless.


A group of young men in the United Kingdom videotaped themselves handing out presents to the homeless people in their city. They were moved to do so by the goodness in their hearts, and it’s really a series of sweet moments captured on tape.

But one grateful homeless man steals the show with his excitement over the new clothes the men gave him.


The video shows the man as he eagerly pulls out the white jacket enclosed in the package. You can tell from his body language that he’s overjoyed with the gift, and he immediately has to take off his old, dirty shirt and put on his spiffy new coat.


He runs to a convenience store to check out his reflection, and he loves what he sees. The little jog/happy dance he does would warm just about anybody’s heart!


The camera also shows him looking up and making the praying motion with his hands, as if he’s thanking the heavens for this unexpected blessing.


What a sweet reaction! We hope this video reminds everyone to be grateful for your blessings every single day!

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