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Macaulay Culkin Thanks Wife Brenda Song In Emotional Walk Of Fame Speech.

A two-photo collage. The first shows a close up of Brenda Song with tears in her eyes as Macaulay Culkin delivers a heartfelt speech about her. The second photo shows Macaulay Culkin smiling as he thanks his wife Brenda Song in a speech.

Thanks to his iconic role in the “Home Alone” movies, Macaulay Culkin has become a part of many families’ Christmas traditions over the years. His success in these films carried on with several other roles but, for a while, Culkin took a step away from the spotlight. During this time, many rumors swirled about the former child star, including his strained relationship with his dad.

But Culkin’s life looks much different today. He looks healthier than ever, and he’s married to actor Brenda Song, who is also a former child actor. Together, they have two children, and their family seems truly happy. He’s also still making an impact in Hollywood, recently getting his own star on the Walk of Fame.

On December 1, Culkin’s fans, family, and friends gathered for the unveiling of his star. Those in attendance included Catherine O’Hara, the actor who played his mom in the “Home Alone” films.

Macaulay Culkin Gives Brenda Song a Heartfelt Speech

Song and their two sons were also by his side for the big day. And, when giving a speech, Culkin had kind words to share about his wife.

“You are absolutely everything,” Culkin said. “You’re my champion. You’re the only person happier for me today than I am. You’re not only the best woman I’ve ever known, you’re the best person I’ve ever known.”

Macaulay Culkin smiles as he thanks his wife Brenda Song in a speech.

Culkin’s heartfelt works quickly brought Song to tears, the two of them looking at one another as if they were the only ones around.

“You’ve given me all my purpose,” Culkin continued. “You’ve given me family. And after the birth of our two boys, you’ve become one of my three favorite people — you’re somewhere in there. I love you. I love you so much.”

Brenda Song has tears in her eyes as Macaulay Culkin delivers a heartfelt speech about her.

It’s so wonderful to see the love that Culkin and Song have for one another. It’s truly incredible how much things can change for the better when you have the right people in your life!

Watch Macaulay Culkin deliver a heartfelt speech to his wife, Brenda Song, in the video below.

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