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Mom Tells Deaf Little Girl She’s Going To Be Big Sister, Films Heartwarming Reaction.

For many parents, the decision to have a second child is less their own, and more their first child’s insistence on having a little brother or sister – which makes the announcement to the big sibling all the more fun!

Sweet Lucy has been an only child for quite some time, but when her mom finally gave her the big news that she was expecting, her first daughter’s reaction was a little delayed (in the cutest possible way).


Lucy is deaf and her parents communicate with her through sign language. It’s tough enough as it is to explain to an 8-year-old that mommy is pregnant, so her parents were particularly concerned the message would get a little lost in translation.

To try to make it clear, Lucy’s mom came up with a way to explain it to her daughter, which she shared in a video on social media. She first sits her down and shows her two baby dolls, asking “what are those?” and Lucy signs “baby”. Then, mom shows Lucy pictures from an ultrasound and explains that they are pictures of a baby.


Lucy seems interested, but, as expected, doesn’t quite get what it all means. So, mom continues on talking about pregnancy and growing bellies. Lucy initially thinks that there’s a baby in her belly. Then, she thinks there’s a baby in grandma’s belly. Mom finally explains that the baby is in her belly, and stands up to show Lucy her growing tummy.


Finally, it hits Lucy. She’s going to have a baby sibling!


Lucy immediately runs to her mom’s belly to give it a hug and caress it, showing her new sibling just how much she loves it already (as mom tries desperately to hold back her tears).


Then, communicating the best way she knows how, Lucy makes a heart out of her hands and places it on her mom’s belly. At this point, mom can no longer hold it together (and honestly, us either).


Lucy’s reaction may not have given her mom the immediate gratification she was hoping for, but we have a feeling the way it played out was even better! Lucy is going to be the best big sister!

Watch Lucy’s adorable announcement in the video below and don’t forget to share with your friends!

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