15 Times This Makeup Artist Turned His Body Into A Mind-Blowing Optical Illusion

fake parrot created with makeup on a man's chest and a man with makeup that makes his face looked cracked

Lucas Luce has more than 20 years of experience as a TV celebrity makeup artist, and his latest creations will blow your mind!


Rather than sticking to everyday looks, Lucas shifted his career back in 2014 in an unusual way: He started creating stunning optical illusions using makeup! Some of his art is featured on his face, but he also treats his head, arms, and hands as a canvas, too. Be prepared not to believe your eyes when you look over some of his masterpieces below.

1. It’s a good thing he doesn’t need glasses.

2. We have to hand it to him… this is insanely impressive.

3. If you don’t use makeup to create hyper-realistic leaves on your face, can you really say fall is your favorite season?

4. If you don’t use makeup to create a hyper-realistic snow globe on your head, can you really say winter is your favorite season?

5. First of all, this is incredible. Second of all, what is the lizard’s name?

6. There’s nothing a little glue can’t fix, right?

7. What a cute, tiny mouse friend!

8. We’re both impressed and terrified.

9. Why simply use an eyeshadow palette when you can become the eyeshadow palette itself?

10. Is anyone else hungry?

11. The one time being two-faced is cool.

12. This butterfly is insanely realistic, but the real question is: Did it fool any real butterflies?

13. We can’t tell if he’s secretly a genie or a member of the Blue Man Group, but we love what’s going on here either way.

14. Need a hat? Want a buddy? Introducing: Squid Hat!

15. This parrot is too adorable to not be real.

Umm… what?! We seriously can’t comprehend that some of these details aren’t actually real! We’re absolutely blown away by Lucas’ talent and dedication to his craft. Which one was your favorite?

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