15 Gorgeous Home Gardens That Have Us Itching To Discover Our Green Thumb

home with intricate garden out front next to giant pink flowers by someone's hand

The older we get, the more we enjoy the simple pleasure of gardening.


There’s something so calming and therapeutic about working with nature to provide food, flowers, and sustenance for the insects and wildlife in our neighborhoods. Not to mention, green spaces are such a welcome respite from the daily grind!

1. This person transformed a boring backyard shed into a lush oasis in just nine months.

2. This woman was understandably proud of the giant calabash squash she grew.

3. “I made a deal in my head with this Bird Grasshopper last week, if you are going to eat my Hibiscus plant then you are going to let me take pictures of you. This was the first day she didn’t try and fly away and just relaxed, ate her breakfast, and let me finally get a shot in focus.”

4. Here’s how it started versus how it’s going in one small New York garden.

5. “Afternoon walk around the property and found a Jade Vine growing in the mango tree. The tree is filled with these. Absolutely amazing.”

6. This talented artist really captured the ethereal beauty of her mother’s garden phlox. We’d buy that painting!

7. Just a sweet little garden wedged into someone’s tiny backyard. So cozy!

8. This guy looks pretty pleased with his sweet potato harvest, and we don’t blame him one bit.

9. It took six months of hard work (and lots of weeding!) to make this progress. Wow!

10. “My garden loves me back!”

11. “Huge sunflower heads on my third generation of them, finally hit the genetic jackpot?”

12. “Memories of my grandfather always calling these beauties ‘Dinner plate Dahlias.’ I miss him, but these make me smile.”

13. “Blue pipevine swallowtail visiting my blue plumbago.”

14. “Welcome to your new world little one! First pic last night final stage in cocoon to this morning fully emerged.”

15. This 3-year-old morning glory plant went all out this year, giving its owner more blooms than ever before.

We feel calmer already, don’t you? We’re also filled with new ideas for our own gardens!

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