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Meet Lu, The 5-Legged Cat Who Needs Help Raising $7K For Life-Saving Surgery.

Lu the cat with 5 legs

It’s never easy to ask for help, but sometimes it’s necessary. Besides, you never know when a legion of animal lovers might step up to ease your burden.

A woman named JB is hoping for just such an internet miracle. The Nashville, Tennessee cat mom recently shared the story of her cat, Lu, who lives with multiple health problems and has very special needs.

“Lu is a 7-year-old housecat who lives with a multitude of health issues,” JB wrote on GoFundMe. “First of all, she has five legs, which is surprisingly the least of her problems. She also has a heart murmur, only one kidney, and is not spayed due to what the doctors call ‘malpositioned internal organs.’ One of her ‘normal’ back legs has a condition that doesn’t allow it to extend fully, so she mostly pulls herself around with her front legs.”

JB went on to say that Lu was more agile when she was younger, but as she’s aged it’s more difficult for the animal to get around. She also can’t clean herself normally, so she requires a lot of grooming and help with the litter box.


Finally introducing my five-legged fluff ball to the world. Come back for more soon 🙂 link im bio if you want to donate to her cancer fund . . . . #catsoftiktok2023 #specialneedscat #specialneedsanimals #animalsoftiktok #aspca #nashvilletn #nashvilletennessee #aspcacommercial @aspcaofficial

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JB doesn’t mind the extra work because she loves her pet so much.

“Despite her numerous health issues, Lu is the sweetest kitty I have ever encountered and has a lust for life as strong as any cat out there,” JB wrote. “She cuddles endlessly, plays with toys, and loves to watch the birds and explore outside.”

Unfortunately, in September 2022 Lu was diagnosed with mammary cancer.

Surgery to remove the cancer is necessary but very risky with all of Lu’s issues. She requires a lot of medical testing in order to make sure anesthesia is safe to administer to a cat with unique anatomy. JB called “every oncologist in Tennessee” before finding one who would take Lu’s case at the University of Tennessee Small Animal Hospital.

The only caveat? Treatment this extensive could save Lu’s life, but it would set JB back between $4,000 and $7,000.

“I sat in the car after hearing that saving her life might cost $7,000, sobbing and wondering if and how I could possibly afford it,” JB recalled.

With surgery, chemotherapy, and a long road of recovery before them, JB started an online fundraiser to help with the costs. She’s also sharing videos of her special kitty on TikTok, and her videos have been viewed millions of times so far. She’s hoping her audience will help her pay for Lu’s expensive treatment so she can have a bit more time with her.

“In the five years that I’ve had Lu, I know that she has made so many people happy,” said JB. “She has met hundreds of people, and while they love seeing her strange and miraculous shape, they fall in love even more with her amazing personality.”


Theres a full description of her medical conditions and the current health issues she faces on her GoFundMe page. You can also donate on there if you feel like it <3 #leggylu #catsoftiktok2023 #specialneedscat #specialneedsanimals #animalsoftiktok #aspca #nashvilletn #aspcacommercial #fosterfail

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Lu seems like such a sweetheart! It’s wonderful to see a pet owner as devoted as JB, and we wish them the best of luck.

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