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Loyal Dog Stares Out At The Sea Every Day For The Most Heartbreaking Reason.

Dog named Vaguito waits oceanside for owner to return.

Dogs are incredibly loyal companions. Even though they may have multiple owners during their lives, they never truly forget their first loves.

Jolie Mejía recently witnessed this undying devotion firsthand while on a family trip to the beach. She was enjoying a day surfside in the district of Punta Negra in Lima, Perú when she noticed a stray dog gazing longingly out at the sea.

The dog looked clean and well-cared for, and he was even wearing a collar. Jolie couldn’t figure out why he was there by himself with no human caretakers in sight, but she spent some time giving him love and attention. He was so friendly, she considered taking him home with her, but she feared she’d be taking someone’s dog.

Later, Jolie asked a local man about the dog. He told her the dog is well known in the area. His name is Vaguito, and a woman in the village technically owns him, but everybody helps take care of him.

When Jolie heard why the dog sits by the sea each day, she was incredibly moved.

“He explained that practically everyone in the area knows the dog and is very fond of him,” she told The Dodo. “He told us that the dog’s owner was a fisherman who passed away some time ago, and that the dog comes to the beach every day and stares out to sea.”

Even though Vaguito is surrounded by people who care about him, he’ll never forget his first owner, and he’ll never stop waiting for him to return. Naturally, Jolie’s tweet about Vaguito went viral, and people all over the world were touched by this sweet dog’s dedication to his first human friend.

Animals simply don’t understand why their humans have to leave them. As heartbreaking as this story is, we’re comforted knowing that so many people are looking out for this loyal canine companion. We should all be so lucky to have a friend like Vaguito!

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