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“Good Things Do Happen.” Community Rallies To Reunite Lost Chihuahua With His Human.

There’s nothing like being reunited with someone you love. Reuben Ray of Michigan experienced this firsthand when his dog was returned to him recently after a separation of more than two weeks.

Reuben has had some health challenges and his doctor recommended he get an emotional support dog to help keep him calm and help lower his blood pressure. His chihuahua D-O-G, O-G for short, proved to be just what he needed.

In 2016, Reuben suffered two strokes and kidney failure. It was a lot, but his four-legged companion made things a little easier for him in his assisted living home.

“He’s always there,” Reuben said. “Just cheers me up. Keeps me in a good mood because sometimes dialysis and kidney failure would get you down. And he saw me through all those years of being on dialysis.”

Reuben did get a new kidney earlier this year after more than six years of waiting. He told News 8 that it felt like “getting a whole another chance at life.”

On October 23, he brought his dog along as he went grocery shopping. He left his dog in the car with the window cracked open while he went inside the store. He admitted that he also left his car unlocked, and when he came back out to his car, his dog was gone.

While he was surprised that this happened , looking back, he was at least grateful it happened in Grand Rapids, the city he lives in, as he knew people there would help him find his beloved pet.

He got a lot of phone calls with leads about O-G.

“I just don’t know what to say,” Reuben said. “It was so much concern. So many people calling, and obviously, look, it worked.”

More than two weeks after O-G went missing, Reuben’s search was over. A Grand Rapids woman called News 8 saying she had the dog. What a relief!

Apparently, the dog had been hiding under a car in an apartment complex. He had been there for two days. She heard about the dog on the news, and when she made the connection that it was indeed Reuben’s dog, her daughter took the dog to the TV station.

It was a sweet reunion.

“Hi there!” Reuben said when he saw O-G for the first time. “I miss you. That’s him! Hi!”

The reunion brought Reuben back to himself. His faith was restored.

“Good things do happen, you know?” Reuben said. “I can tell everybody that’s true. It happened with the kidney, it happened with the dog, I don’t know what else I could want.”

We’re definitely cheering after Reuben and O-G’s reunion. Share this story as a reminder that good things do happen.

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