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Love Yourself: Entire Beach Cheers Along As Man Takes His Shirt Off In Public For The First Time In Years

View from behind of a man standing on a beach. He's starting to take off his shirt. Lots of people are in the ocean watching.

There’s so much that goes into overcoming our fears and anxieties. There’s the internal work we have to do ourselves, of course, but that doesn’t take away from the power of having the support of others. For the entirety of his adult life, Augie Leija has never taken off his shirt in public, even to go swimming. Body positivity is something so many of us struggle with, but it’s only just now something that’s openly discussed.

Because of this shift in society, moments like the one Augie experienced in the video below are more possible. In it, Augie is enjoying a day at the beach with his fellow cruise-goers. One man in particular was hyping up the crowd as he playfully showed off his canon ball skills. Only wanting to get his feet wet, Augie inched his way to the shore. Once there, a man began to encourage him to take off his shirt. This encouragement quickly spread, particularly when the man doing canon balls joined.

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Understandably, kind folks asked for more details on what prompted so many to cheer, concerned that Augie may have felt pressured. On the contrary, Augie is happy to report that there was nothing but love and positivity on the beach.

“That [canon ball] guy was pretty much egging everyone on, but in a really good way,” Augie says, “I don’t know how to explain it. He was just like, ‘It’s okay, man! You can do it!'”

Body Positivity Wins When Kind Crowd at the Beach Encourages Man to Take Off His Shirt

@augiedance Replying to @BEHEMOTH6674 ♬ original sound – Augie Leija

Best of all, Auggie and his main hype man continued to chat and hang out after the video ended. How cool is that!? It goes to show that there are so many ways to have a positive impact or make a new friend.

“As a big guy, this made me cry. All I ever want is body positivity because I would never judge anyone’s body,” someone shares in the comments, with another adding, “These are the humans I wanna share this planet with.”

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