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After Having Her Eye Removed, Frightened Daughter Asks Mom To Describe What It Looks Like

Left image shows a mom removing bandages after her daughter had an eye removed. Right image shows the mom's first view without the bandages.

Chan Plante is an amazing 24-year-old woman. She has walked through a den of wolves but has come out alive and thriving. To explain, we need to backtrack to this journey’s beginning with a quick recap. In 2020, Chan caught the original strain of COVID-19. She was lucky, and her mild case cleared up in a week. She went on with her life. At 21, she had just landed a dream job as “the editorial assistant for the editor-in-chief at PEOPLE magazine.” Then, her luck ran dry. She had a stroke that resulted in surgery to have her right eye removed, and her mom has been with her through the entire process.


Shoutout my mama for being braver than me in this moment 🥹❤️ #partialblindness #chronicillness

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When Chan Plante had her first stroke in March 2021, months after recovering from COVID-19, she went to the hospital, and they told her she was having an anxiety attack. They sent her home, but her problems continued. In June, she had a second stroke and this one left damage. After an MRI, they diagnosed an ischemic stroke due to the stenosis of her carotid arteries. They placed stents to open the arteries. However, by November, the numbness returned.

Testing revealed a mass behind her eye; it wasn’t long before she lost vision in her right eye. Chan moved from New York back to Arizona, where she had a family to offer support. She took her story to TikTok and now has almost half a million followers. About her TikTok page, she says, “My page is about healing and positivity – and dealing with an absurd situation. Many people believe positive humans are just born this way – but I think it’s something I’ve had to practice. I was tired of suffering.”

Moving On After Having Her Eye Removed

At first, eye removal was not a viable option. Doctors had to get the swelling under control because it was pushing Chan’s eye out of the socket. Now that she has had her eye removed, there are options for prosthetics or other cosmetic procedures. Right after the surgery, Chan was afraid to look in the mirror, so she asked her mom to describe what it looked like. In the video above, you can tell that her mom is also apprehensive, but she has only positive words.

Image from TikTok.

Her mom’s loving smile and reassuring words were perfect. When her mom described what Chan looked like, she said, “You look like you have two matching freaking eyes … with your eyes closed.” The young woman has a natural beauty that shines through. Chan Plante wears an eye patch occasionally, but she isn’t shy about filming TikTok episodes without it.

There is an open GoFundME page to support Chan Plante’s journey. This brave young lady is still facing challenges. You can follow her journey on Instagram and TikTok. After everything that has happened, she has never lost her positive outlook. Having her mom in her corner after having the eye removed is a great plus. If this story touched your heart, please share.

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