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Love Slapping The Snooze Button? These 15 Memes Are Made For You.

a two-photo collage. on the left there is a meme that says "The most dangerous game to play: 'Resting your eyes' in the morning after hitting snooze on your alarm clock." on the right, there is a meme that says: "why am I up this earlier again" captioned with "Person: Early bird gets the worm. Me: After hitting snooze button 20 times."

The absolute best days are the ones where we don’t have to wake up to an alarm. We have nowhere to be, no schedule to keep, and absolutely nothing keeping us from sleeping in as much or as little as we want (that is, for those of us that don’t have kids or really persistent pets). Those mornings are simply heavenly.

Unfortunately for most of us, the majority of our mornings are spent waging psychological warfare with ourselves as we calculate exactly how much time we can sleep past the moment our alarm goes off before we’re officially late. And, since drowsy math is lousy math, we often end up oversleeping anyway.

Since there’s no part of the human condition that’s free from meme-ability, we’ve collected some of our favorite memes about slapping that snooze button here for you to enjoy.

1. These people are truly to be feared above everybody!

2. Remember what we said about drowsy math being lousy math?

3. You know what, alarm clock, you just might be.

4. Dry shampoo and deodorant are both marvelous inventions.

5. Isn’t that what we all say?

6. Now, how does 10 minutes turn into two hours just like that?

7. And in those three minutes you’ve somehow got to brush your teeth, get dressed, wash your face, comb your hair…

8. Ah yes, the most interesting conundrum.

9. Somehow those tricky eyes always need more rest than you think they will need.

10. It’s truly a harder feat than walking into Mordor.

11. Emphasis on the “Put off living live for another nine minutes.”

12. I mean who really wants a worm, anyway?

13. People have NEVER wanted to wake up when they were supposed to.

14. The game plan is we might as well not have set an alarm at all.

15. If only that’s how peacefully we slept after hitting the snooze button. If only…

Why would they have invented the snooze button if we weren’t meant to use it? At least that’s what we tell ourselves as we scramble to get ready in the morning after hitting it a half a dozen times and finally waking up in a blind panic.

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