15 License Plates Guaranteed To Turn Road Rage Into Road Giggles

Interesting billboards and funny license plates are the hallmarks of a good road trip – especially when you encounter one that makes you laugh out loud. For those of us who grew up without smartphones (or any kind of cell phone, really) or tablets, staring at the cars around us as we cruised down the highway in the backseat was some of the only entertainment available. So when we encountered unique license plates, it was extra entertaining!


Here are 15 examples of customized plates where people not only made a statement but had fun doing it. Enjoy!

1. A timeless classic — literally.

A car with a license plate that is timeless in all aspects. It is on a car that looks like the DeLorean and has a DeLorean bumper sticker.

Roads?! Where they’re going, they don’t need roads!

2. The fates, stars, planets, and everything else aligned to create this perfect match.

Two trucks with similar license plates are shown. One says I am sad, the other says Y U Sad.

These two have an inside joke and we’re on the outside.

3. Once a cruiser, always a cruiser.

A retired police car with a license plate that spells out the sound the siren makes.

This one made us laugh out loud!

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