Lonely Donkey Falls In Love With New Buddy: Watch Their Friendship Blossom.

These two donkeys became best friends on a farm.

One donkey seemed inconsolable when his brother passed away — that is, until he was introduced to his new best friend! An adorable video on Instagram shows how Freedom Farmhouse helped the animal recover from his loss. First, they placed another donkey in the field next door. When the two critters hit it off immediately, farmers moved them into the same area. They’ve been inseparable ever since!


Many commenters were concerned when they noticed that the two donkey best friends were separated by a fence. However, their worries were cleared up as the video explained that the new resident needed time to get situated! Later footage shows the animals happily frolicking together and rolling around in the grass.

These two donkeys became best friends on a farm.
Screengrab from The Dodo/Instagram

“Crying over donkeys this fine Saturday evening?” wrote one Instagram user. “Cool, me too.”

“I’m so happy for them,” added another. “Such precious innocent animals.”

It’s always amazing to see how animals form bonds with one another, like these donkey best friends. However, it’s also incredible when two critters that are completely different from each other become BFFs. These rare animal friendships will probably surprise you!

Watch the video below to see how a new best friend changed this adorable donkey’s life!

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