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Local Heroes Risk Their Own Lives To Save Children From Damaged Cable Car In Pakistan.

cable car rescue

In a remote mountainous region in Pakistan, a harrowing incident unfolded that captured the attention of the entire nation. A cable car carrying six children and two adults became stuck in mid-air. However, this terrifying incident resulted in a remarkable display of bravery and resourcefulness as ordinary bystanders stepped up to save lives. 

cable car

The incident began like any other day when the small group embarked on their typical daily journey to school and the local shops aboard the rickety cable car. Five minutes into the roughly 10-minute journey, two of the three cables supporting the dolly snapped, leaving it dangling perilously in the air. 

The stranded cable car was quickly reported, and multiple rescue efforts were set into motion. The rescue mission lasted for more than 10 hours. Military helicopters and local zip line experts attempted to rescue the stranded car. However, the terrain’s complexity and the cable car’s precarious position made progress slow and dangerous. By nightfall, the helicopter team had only rescued one child from the car.

cable car and helicopter

Amidst the unfolding rescue operation, two local brothers, Sahib Khan and Nasir Khan, emerged as unsung heroes. The local administration called upon the Khan brothers for their expertise in operating makeshift cable cars in the region. 

With limited resources at their disposal, the Khan brothers devised an ingenious plan to reach the stranded cable car. They constructed a small improvised dolly using a zip line, allowing them to navigate the treacherous terrain and approach the dangling car. 

Nasir remained on the ground, assisting with the pulley system, and Sahib bravely boarded the makeshift dolly and embarked on a perilous journey toward the stranded children.

cable car heroes

Once he reached the dangling car, Sahib carefully tied a rope around the children in the car. Making several trips, he secured the children and carried them across one at a time. He successfully transported two children to safety in this fashion. 

With Sahib’s courageous efforts paving the way, local rescuers took over, utilizing the same method to retrieve the remaining four children and the two adults. One by one, they were brought back to safety, ending a grueling ordeal that had lasted for hours. 

The local cleric, Mufti Hassan Zaib, who had witnessed the entire operation, described the rescue as nothing short of a “miracle.”

cable car rescue

While the successful rescue of the eight individuals brought relief and joy, it also shed light on the need for improved safety measures in the region. The Khan brothers and the local community expressed hope that the government would provide assistance to prevent such life-threatening incidents in the future. 

The heroic rescue mission in Pakistan’s remote mountainous region is a powerful reminder that when people work together with a common goal in mind, they can persevere, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.

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