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Llamas Have Hilarious Reaction To An Imposter Among Them!

llama meeting llama imposter

When a llama imposter arrived in the enclosure, these funny llamas had the most hilarious reaction. At first, they weren’t sure what to make of this guy. But once they took a closer look (and a serious sniff), they seemed to have some questions!

Llamas are fun and gentle animals, making them the perfect target for an imposter prank like this one. A gal put a llama mask on her head and entered the llama space, walking up confidently to one of the llamas.

man dressed as llama approaches llama
This image is from TikTok.

This llama’s reaction was seriously funny. The llama completely intruded on the imposter’s personal space — and rightfully so! There was a new llama to investigate, so it made sense to take a close look.

Then the llama appeared to go in for a kiss, which made the imposter defect a bit, turning back to the TikTok videographer. What a funny reaction to a llama prank!

One fan of the clip pointed out that there’s about to be some “llama drama.”

“The synchronized stare at the camera person and turn back killed me,” commented another viewer, loving the videography of the imposter llama prank.

For a quick laugh, check out this hilarious llama reaction below. Dozens of thousands of folks have adored the video so far.

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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