Golden Retriever Dad “Tells” Daughter To Knock It Off, And It’s So Relatable.

Golden Retriever Dad and Puppy

Parenting is similar no matter what culture you are from. There are even similarities between different species. Dog parents have similar ways of calming their “children,” the same as humans do. We recently found a video showing a golden retriever dad and his puppy during a disciplinary moment.


The puppies were being rambunctious, and the dad was over it. Tired of wrestling and the unbridled energy of the exuberant pups, Dad put the little tykes in their place. One immediately got the message, settled down, and played elsewhere.

golden retriever dad and puppies playing
Image from YouTube.

The second pup, Sassa, wasn’t so quick on the uptake. She stayed by her dad, wanting to continue rough-housing. The golden retriever’s dad got more vocal with the second pup. If you’re not used to doggy discipline, the video may shock you. We know that the behavior shown is normal and that the puppies are not in any danger at all from the adult dog. This is how dog parents teach their young to play, respect one another, and calm down.

Golden retriever dad and puppy. The "dad" dog is growling at the puppy, telling her to calm down and stop using him as a jungle gym.
Image from YouTube.

Canine Learning and Development

The growling and snarling you will hear on the video are the equivalent of a human yelling at their child to calm down. It sounds vicious and threatening, but it is the dog’s way of putting their child in their place. Although much of the discipline falls on the mama dog, in our video today, the dad dog was doling out the life lessons for his young pups.

When pups need to learn how to behave, parent dogs may use different techniques, but the end result is similar. Puppies learn to control impulses like rough play. This golden retriever dad is helping his puppy understand potty training and other habits they’ll need when they go to their furever homes. So, although it may seem vicious, the growling and snarling you hear are all a part of the puppy’s lessons.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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