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The “Ugliest Woman In The World” Never Gave Up, Now She’s Inspiring Millions Everywhere

Lizzie Velasques suffers from an rare condition that keeps her from putting on any weight. The 26-year-old eats high-calorie meals every 15-20 minutes but still weighs as much as your average 8-year-old.

She began posting videos of her struggle to social media to see if anyone else was experiencing her struggle. Instead of encouragement, Lizzie was ridiculed as “The ugliest person in the world.” She was devastated at first, but after realizing nothing could change her outward appearance, Lizzie’s inner beauty began to shine through.

Now, Lizzie travels around the world speaking to women and men on the importance of self-worth in a world that rarely gives affirmation to those that need it.

Here’s the Takeaway: If you look closely enough, there will always be something to be self-conscious about. Your nose might be a little big or waistline a tad wide, but it’s those differences that make people uniquely beautiful. The more you focus on pouring into those around you, the more beautiful in their eyes you will become.

Hear Lizzie’s incredible perspective below and share¬†if her perspective changed the way you look at ¬†yourself.


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