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Living In Antarctica: Man Shares Bizarre Occurrences In The Coldest Place On Earth.

Man smiles as he holds up a bowl of spaghetti. The spaghetti is frozen in the air with the fork stuck there, too

Antarctica is the only continent that doesn’t have permanent human habitation — the only folks you’ll find staying here are scientists and other professionals who live here for parts of the year. It’s no wonder, then, that so many are fascinated by what it must be like to stay in this frigid part of the world. Luckily Matty Jordan, a Project Manager in Antarctica, loves to share insights into his time here.

This New Zealand native shares all sorts of fun, fascinating videos on his TikTok account. They give viewers insight into what it’s like to temporarily live here, but they also demonstrate, often in silly ways, why it’s far too cold for folks to live here on a more permanent basis. Take, for example, what can be done with this sock once it’s frozen.

@mattykjordan How on earth did this happen?! #boomerang #sock #frozen #antarctica #antartica #stiff #boomerangchallenge #boomerangs ♬ original sound – Matty Jordan | Antarctica

With barely any time outside, this sock transforms into the perfect boomerang. I’m not sure how that’s useful, exactly, but it does feel like quite an accomplishment nonetheless.

In yet another incredible feat using clothing, Matty shows why ironing boards aren’t needed here. Sure, your shirt might be a bit chilly, but look at how fast this method works!

@mattykjordan The things we do for fun in Antartica… #antarctica #spaghetti #spaghettieis #frozen #fork #fun #scottbase #spaghettibolognese ♬ original sound – Matty Jordan | Antarctica

Have you ever seen the spaghetti emoji? If you have, you may have wondered why the fork, which is holding some of the noodles, is floating in the air. As it impossible as this seems, turns out, this emoji is simply an accurate reflection of eating this dish outside in Antarctica.

@mattykjordan I ironed my t-shirt in the wind. #antarctica #antartica #blizzard #iron #ironing #extremeironing #fashion #fashionhacks #lifehacks ♬ original sound – Matty Jordan | Antarctica

I can’t imagine the amount of effort and skill it takes to temporarily live in Antarctica. It’s nice to see that the folks working there are able to find fun ways to enjoy the frigid climate!

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