Bald Dad’s Silly Antics While Shopping End With A Plunger Stuck To His Head.

A bald man closes his eyes and concentrates as he tries to pull a plunger off of his head while standing in a store.

Those of us who aren’t big fans of shopping tend to look for ways to make it more interesting. That’s the scenario I picture when I watch this video that was shared by Luke Garrard. In it, a dad can be seen in a store with his kids. What’s most noteworthy, though, is the fact that there is a plunger on his head. We don’t know what led to this moment, but what is clear is why they began to record him when they did.


No matter how hard Dad tries, he can can’t remove the plunger from his bald head. In fact, the video starts with him shaking his head in hopes it’ll loosen — but it doesn’t budge. He grabs onto the handle and pulls, but the plunger firmly stays in place. The handle? Not so much.

Without the handle, Dad places the other items in his hand on the floor, but no amount of effort can get this plunger to move. So, accepting that the plunger is a part of him now, Dad simply places his hoodie over his head and moves on — rumor has it, he’s still wearing the plunger to this day.

Watch this Dad’s hilarious attempts to set himself free in the video below.

@memezar He is now the human plunger #Memezar (Luke Garrard via @ViralHog ♬ original sound – Memezar

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