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Little Girl’s Impression Of A Lion Roaring Is So Good It Sounds Fake

A little girl has her mouth opened wide.

When you have a hidden talent as mind blowing as little Riley’s, you simply have to share it with the world! Riley is still so young, though, that it’s her mom, Amy, who shared her talent on social media. Despite her young age, Riley is able to mimic the sound of a roaring lion so realistically, there are still tons of people who are convinced it’s fake. Yes, it truly is that perfect!

Despite all of the naysayers, Riley continues to proudly show off her unique talent. Plus, there are plenty of folks who not only believe that Riley is actually making the lion sound, but they also adore this talented kiddo! Check out Riley’s ferocious roar in the video below!

@rileykayscott Replying to @gemma she has always been crazy good at animal sounds 😅🦁 #motheranddaughter #motherdaughter #daughter #momsoftiktok #mumlife #mumsoftiktok #momlife #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound – Riley & Amy

As you can imagine, Riley’s impressive impression has lots of folks talking. How is it possible for such a young kid to make such a deep, realistic lion roar? According to many people in the comments of her videos, it’s likely because she has an extra vocal cord. That being said, there’s not a lot of evidence that this is even possible.

Little Girl’s Lion Roaring Sounds Too Real to be True

Similarly, though, our vocal folds seem to affect our register. According to SingWise, the longer someone’s vocal folds are, and the larger their larynx, the lower their register can be. So, it’s possible that this is the case for Riley. But no matter the exact reason why Riley can make this sound, one thing is for sure: She’s been practicing a long time — her whole life, basically!

@rileykayscott Replying to @Lyndsey Marie She just always loved making animal sounds and like she said at the end she just practiced and got slowly better over time I just never really clicked how good she had become 😅🦁 #motheranddaughter #motherdaughter #daughter #momsoftiktok #mumlife #mumsoftiktok #momlife #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound – Riley & Amy

The more Riley shares her hidden talent, the more fans she garners. Plus, she’s even inspiring others to not give up on their goals! Though, for those of us trying their own lion roar, this talent is proving to be just as difficult to pull off as you’d imagine.

“Not me standing in my kitchen trying to follow her instructions and failing,” someone admits in the comment section of one of her videos.

“The definition or practice makes perfect,” another points out. “She said it herself, she is now the expert.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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