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Little Girl Tells Santa They Have No Food In Hilariously Embarrassing Kid Logic.


Kids really do say the darndest things, and sometimes those things create awkward moments for moms and dads. Take for instance, when a little girl told Santa and an entire line of strangers that her family needed food for Christmas—and failed to explain a very, very important detail about the lack of said food—before throwing an epic fit.

Casie Reeebs, a mom influencer, lived through this experience this holiday season when she took her daughter to meet Mr. Claus. As she shared in a TikTok video, the little girl hopped on the big guy’s lap and promptly asked him to deliver some food on December 25. Shocked, Casie tried to diffuse the situation and explain that she and her daughter were eating plenty. But Casie did not help at all.


The daughter went on to say, “Sometimes we find food, but mommy only says we can have it if we’re really good. If you bring us food, we promise we’ll be really good and we won’t let the dog get it and ruin it.”

Little Girl Has Epic Melt Down After Telling Santa that She Has No Food

At that point, Casie was mortified, and she couldn’t understand where the story was coming from. So, she asked her daughter why she told Santa that they had no food. Her daughter stuck to her guns and insisted they needed some grub.

Casie calmly tried to explain that they were blessed with everything they needed and said that her family was not going hungry. But instead of making her daughter feel better, she made her feel worse. The kid went into tantrum mode in front of everyone.

After an embarrassing discussion, Casie finally got to the bottom of it.

“She meant food for the play kitchen,” the exhausted mom explained. “She means play kitchen food. Wish me luck.”

Watch Casie hilariously retell the story below.


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