Little Girl Spots Beast At Disney World Restaurant And Demands To Give Him A Hug.

A two-photo collage. The first shows someone dressed as the Beast at Disney World. He's at a distance, walking by people sitting at tables in a restaurant, waving. The second image shows a little girl sitting at a table. Her eyes are wide and her mouth is agape as she looks at the Beast who is slowly approaching.

During a recent trip to Disney World, 3-year-old Emilia got to understand why the theme park is called the most magical place on Earth. One memory from their trip stands out more than the rest. It took place at the Be Our Guest Restaurant — this French eatery is made with a Beauty and the Beast theme. In a moment that has gone viral, here, the little girl meets the Beast himself.

In the video, we can see the exact moment that Emilia lays eyes on this beloved character. Her eyes go wide as she exclaims, “Hi Beast!” Then, she continues to watch closely as the Disney character comes closer to her table. The more he does, the more this eager toddler vocalizes her excitement!

3-Year-Old Girl Can’t Wait to Meet the Beast

“Beast!” Emilia exclaims, calling out to him. “I want to give you a hug! I’ve waited for you.”

Although cast members aren’t allowed to closely interact with guests during this time, Emilia’s dad makes sure to place her on his own lap. In doing so, she can get a better look at the Beast as he passes. Finally, when he does, Emilia gets the chance to wave!

A little girl smiles wide and points as she waits to meet the Beast.

“Emilia was super excited to visit Disney World for the first time,” the toddler’s mom, Jaclyn Haft-Franco, says. “The highlight of the day was meeting her second favorite character, the Beast. She couldn’t wait to give him a hug.”

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