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Sassy Little Girl Confronts Dad For Leaving Toilet Seat Up, Her Adorable Rant Will Make Your Day!

Girl ranting to dad about toilet seat

It’s an argument we’re all familiar with: Who exactly is responsible for putting the toilet seat up/down in a co-ed bathroom situation? Women tend to argue that if a guy puts the seat up, it’s the guy who ought to put it down again. Guys tend to conveniently forget the discussion ever took place. But one little girl, Bradlee Rae Hayes, has had enough.

“How many times do I have to tell you?” the toddler asks her dad, Jeremiah, in this adorable confrontation. “When you put the seat up… Put it down for me when I go tee-tee.” Jeremiah tries to argue with his young daughter, asking why he has to put it both up and down. He seems to think that if she wants it down, she should put it down herself.

Little Bradlee Rae tosses her hair and sets him straight. “Daddy.” she says. “Yes.” replies Dad. “Listen to me.” says Bradlee Rae, taking the issue very seriously. “You gotta put it down for the girls.”

Check out the adorable video below to see Bradlee Rae’s precious lecture for yourself. Her words (“Why do you keep doing that?”) may sound familiar!

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