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Little Girl Has Her Mind Blown While Trying Cotton Candy For The First Time

A little girl holds a piece of cotton candy in her hands, looking unsure

As a parent, you get the opportunity to witness many of your kids‘ firsts — like their first time walking and talking. But there are also lots of small firsts sprinkled throughout, like the first time they try a certain food. Most of the time, these moments won’t be particularly memorable. But there’s no doubt that Emma Cotton will always remember her little girl’s first time trying cotton candy. In fact, this is a moment lots of folks will remember.

That’s because this hilariously wholesome moment went viral online. In the video, we see the little girl handed a chunk of light pink cotton candy. As soon as the fluffy stuff is in her hands, though, she cradles it gently under her chin as if it were a pillow. Which, honestly, makes a lot of sense when you consider the look and feel of cotton candy. Once her mom demonstrates that she’s supposed to eat it, however, the little girl quickly follows suit.

@meetthecottons Experiencing cotton candy for the first time #toddlersoftiktok ♬ original sound – Emma Cotton

As you can see, this little girl quickly goes from delighted by her pillow to confused by the melting food in her mouth. Still, she quickly adapts to this unusual treat, seemingly a new fan. I can only imagine that the high sugar count is a huge contributing factor — you know, since that’s what makes up 99% of cotton candy.

Adorable Little Girl’s First Time Trying Cotton Candy Melts Hearts Everywhere!

“She was mad grateful already when she thought it was just something soft to hold,” someone points out.

“She thought she was tasting a blanket, then that sweetness hit,” another writes.

“I did the same with my niece,” someone shares. “There’s something so pure about them experiencing things for the first time. The grow up to darn quick though.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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