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Grateful 6-Yr-Old Opens Humble Gift, But Has Greatest Reaction When Mom Reveals The Real Surprise.

If a picture paints a thousand words, well, there’s really not much else to say about Lily’s reaction to her birthday surprise. In this case, it’s a video, but the principle is the same — especially in the moment when the realization dawns. Her mom isn’t kidding. They’re really going to Disneyland!

Katie Clem and her husband carefully orchestrated the early birthday trip, and must have had an idea how their daughter would react to their sneaky ambush revelation.


“Hey Lily, you want to open a birthday present early?”Katie asks as her husband and younger daughter, Chloe, watch from the side.

“Yeah,”Lily says.

She’s very clearly unaware of the plot unfolding before her very eyes.

Katie tells her to go sit on the couch and pull out some early birthday presents that are neatly packed in a big, bright pink backpack.

One by one, Lily pulls them out: a couple videos (“How’d you know I wanted this? How?!â€), Oreos and other snacks, Minnie Mouse pajamas and a Micky and Minnie Mouse t-shirt.


“Where do you think we should take all this stuff?”Mom asks as she continues filming.

Lily’s unsure. “Leave it here?â€

“Where do you want to go with it? If you could go anywhere, where would you want to go?â€

“Disneyland!”she cries, raising her arms in the air.

“Why don’t we go?â€

“Okay, let’s go,”Lily says agreeably, and begins to climb off the couch.

“Now. Today.â€


Now, that stops the little girl in her tracks.

She gasps loudly, her face frozen in shock, then crumbles as she begins crying tears of joy.


“I’m being serious,”Katie reassures her.

“We going?â€

“We’re leaving today to go to Disneyland.â€


Watch the adorable clip below to see this sweet little girl burst into tears of joy!

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