Little Boy Humorously Declares Why He’s So Cranky And Tired After School.

A little boy looks serious as he talks with his hands. He's standing outside.

No matter if you’re an adult or a kid, there are simply some days that are harder than others. That’s because, whether you have obligations at work or school, when it’s time to come home, sometimes all you want to do is absolutely nothing. This is a feeling that Jude, an adorable little boy whose parents share moments with him on TikTok, understands well. Just recently, he was quick to let his parents know exactly how he felt — and he did so in an unintentionally humorous way.


In a video capturing the moment, this emotionally intelligent kid explained that after working hard at school, he was feeling both cranky and tired. So much so that, when Dad asked if he wanted to wrestle like normal, he said, “Well, maybe. I gotta stop being cranky and tired.”

Besides being a naturally funny guy, folks are loving the way Jude is able to express how he feels, something many of us adults still struggle with. In fact, by the end of the conversation, Jude makes it known that while he doesn’t know if he’ll wrestle, there’s at least one thing he is certain about: He’s taking a relaxing bath!

Watch Jude vent about his hard day at school in the video below.

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