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This Hilarious Playground Dispute Between 2 Kids In Italy Requires No Translation.

2 kids fighting in Italian

There are some situations that really do transcend language. A mom captured this video of her son (in gray) having a bit of a verbal tiff with another child on a playground in Italy, and we don’t even have to understand what they’re saying to know it’s hilarious. Her family had just moved to Italy, speaking both English and Serbian. Clearly, her little boy had already picked up some Italian, because when he crossed paths with an Italian boy (in red) clutching a ball to his chest, he suddenly had a lot to say!

As his mom snickers behind the camera, the smaller boy yells, “You are small!” The larger boy retorts, “Me not small. Small is like this!” He gestures grandly with his hands. The two go back and forth, each time waving their arms around more and more, getting adorably worked up over the argument. It seems there really is something about the Italian language that encourages people to “talk with their hands.”

On YouTube, Mom explained that this was a one-time meeting at the playground that was just too funny not to share. We’re so glad she did because it’s just too cute! Watch these two kids emote like a pair of Oscar-winning actors in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story.

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