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Little Boy Starts To Cry During Karate Test, But His Teacher’s Unexpected Lesson Will Inspire You.

boy crying during karate test with teacher

The Cave of Adullam– described on their website as a Transformational Training Academy– is a program based in Detroit, Michigan for “boys and young men that are emotionally distressed, physically in debt and mentally disconnected.” Their mission is to “create a generation of men who are physically conscious and spiritually strong enough to navigate through the pressures of this world.” One way they are doing that is through martial arts training, and this video of one boy’s martial arts test is touching hearts everywhere.

The little boy– named Bruce– is shown trying to pass a test where he has to punch through a board with his left hand. After repeatedly failing, he becomes frustrated and starts to cry. That’s when his instructor kneels down beside him and shares some wise and beautiful words of encouragement.

“You know in life, there’s gonna be things harder for you to do than other things?” says Bruce’s teacher, building a metaphor between the difficulties of life and Bruce’s struggle to break the board, “And you know those things that may appear to be hard to do, you’re going to have to do, as a man, regardless?” He is so gentle with the boy as he explains his point: “As soon as we hit resistance, we want to stop, right? … But we have to fight through it as men. But it’s going to be very painful.”

But the best part isn’t even the instructor’s advice, it’s that he allows Bruce to cry, and teaches him through that moment. “It’s okay to cry. We cry as men.” he tells Bruce. “I don’t mind you crying. I cry a lot, too.” So touching!

In the caption of the video, the instructor enourages parents “to not only allow your sons to cry when facing emotional stress, but more importantly, patiently walk them through it… Do not allow our boys to grow up with a false sense of masculinity… Teach them how to use those emotions to their benefit.” I love that!

Check out the video below, and see the lesson this instructor has for Bruce’s dad, too!

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