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Little Boy Rejoices When His Great-Grandparents Bring His First Snow Day.

little boy touches snow in truck

When you live on the beach, you get lots of access to all sorts of fun things. Swimming, sand castles, and sun! However, you might miss out on some of the chillier parts of the year, including snow. These great-grandparents came to the rescue to deliver this little lad his first snow day ever!

Living in the mountains, these family members had easy access to all the snow they could need. When they came to visit, they brought a truck full of wintery wonders!

This little boy was totally amazed. He was enjoying his first snow day in the comfort of moderate temperatures!

In the clip, you can see Great-Grandpa loading up this sweet dude into the back of the truck to explore the snow. He was totally amazed by the texture, and you could tell he was surprised by the cold!

little boy has first snow day with snow in the back of a truck
This precious picture is from TikTok.

The family enjoyed watching the baby enjoy his first snow day, and then they broke out into a classic snowball fight.

“This is actually the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen,” commented one fan of this chilly treat.

Surrounded by family, this kiddo got to celebrate his first snow day ever! Hooray!

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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