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Little Boy Makes Hilarious Observation While Meeting Baby Sister.

Images show a young boy holding his newborn sister.

When children meet new siblings, there is no forewarning about how they will react. Some embrace new brothers or sisters with love and adoration. Some have tantrums because they don’t want to share. When this young man met his new sister, he had an interesting observation that had his mom (and us) in stitches. Holding the little bundle, his mom asked him what he thought… he thought his sister was missing arms!

Image shows a young boy holding his newborn sister. He is searching for something his sister is missing... arms.
Images from YouTube.

He looked his new sister over from top to bottom, carefully thinking about something. When he answered his mom’s question, she burst out giggling. His sister seemed to be missing something important! Leaning back, the young boy took one final look at his sister before announcing…

Little boy thinks his sister is missing arms
Image from YouTube.

“She doesn’t have any arms!”

You can watch this confused older brother below. His mom did explain it to him, but we’re still laughing at the cuteness!


“She doesn’t have any arms!” This little boy in Thousand Oaks who met his baby sister for the first time had no idea her arms were wrapped up in a blanket. 😂🤗

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