Little Boy Calls 911 For The Cutest “Emergency” Ever.

Images of an officer responding to a residential call.

Every once in a while, kids do something that makes you want to ground them for life. Sometimes, you simultaneously want to hug them and never let them go. This is one of those moments for a mom and a Sheriff’s deputy. There are times when only an emergency hug will solve a problem. It started with a call to the 911 dispatcher. When the deputy responded, he informed the mom that they had received an emergency call from her address. She immediately called her son to the porch.


Deputy responding to a 911 call talking to the homeowner.
Image from YouTube.

The mom opens the door and calls to her son Johnny, telling him to bring his phone. While they wait, the deputy asks her. “Does he have a disconnected cell phone?” She says yes while explaining that Johnny doesn’t know what 911 is. The deputy volunteers to explain it to him. When Johnny appears, his mom asks him, “Did you call this gentleman?” Johnny’s answer surprised them both!

Mother asks son if he called 911.
Image from YouTube.

Johnny’s response had the deputy giggling in a happy, friendly way. He then calmly explained that 911 was an emergency number and that you should only call it when you need help.

Boy called 911 because he wanted to give an "emergency" hug to the deputy.
Image from YouTube.

But wait… we forgot to mention why Johnny called 911 in the first place! When he came out to talk to his mom and the deputy, he told them he “wanted to give him a hug.” Who doesn’t need an emergency hug? The deputy happily obliged. And now you know why the mom may have wanted to ground Johnny for life and hug him forever at the same time.

The deputy called his dispatcher, reporting the call complete. We need to mention that his advice to Johnny was perfect. You should never call 911 unless you have an emergency. Although remarkable, emergency hugs don’t necessarily qualify as an actual emergency. Watch the entire adorable exchange below. Kudos to the deputy for his patience and understanding. Share this with your friends if they need an emergency hug!

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