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Why I’m Not Buying My Kids Toys For Christmas.

When it comes to giving gifts, sometimes an experience means a whole lot more than a physical present.

Lindsay Matway, a mommy blogger from Clearwater, Florida is all for not giving her kids that fancy new toy they asked for this Christmas. Instead, Lindsay has decided to focus on giving experiences that kids will cherish forever, rather than a hunk of plastic that will likely go unused after the initial thrill of getting it wears off.


On her Facebook page, Lindsay summed up that all-too-familiar feeling all parents have after blowing the budget on expensive toys, only to see them gathering dust days later:

  • Kid wants toy for Christmas and talks about it all the time.
  • Kid opens toy for Christmas and immediately rips it open and starts to put it together & play.
  • 2 days later kid is asking for new app on their iPad, and you suggest they go play with that awesome toy they wanted so bad… They say they don’t feel like it.
  • One week later, toy is shoved in the back of their closet, never to be seen again… UNTIL you do a pre-Christmas clean out the following year when said toy is then donated because the child expresses that she no longer likes it.


“AH, it kills me a little every time!!!” Lindsey continued before vowing that this year will be different. This year, she plans to give her children experiences rather than toys. She’s got some suggestions on how to make that happen, too:

Want to know what Aunt Susie can get her? A movie date with her on a weekend, a trip to the zoo, a painting class… something where they can spend time together!

Live far away? You could give her 2 horseback riding lesson vouchers, a gift certificate to a pottery painting class, cooking lessons, a favorite book of yours with a personalized note of why you love it & her. THE EXPERIENCES and MEMORIES she simply will NOT forget!


Lindsay said she told her daughter about her idea to shake things up this Christmas season, and “her eyes lit up with excitement.” 

I think that’s what kids really CRAVE anyway!!! TIME with the ones they love, experiences they can have with them, trying NEW and exciting things, and creating special memories that live on forever! Shoot, I think that is what we ALL CRAVE! YES, this Christmas we are switching things UP in our household and we couldn’t be any MORE excited about it!


This method might not work for all families, but we love the idea of giving the gift of time together. What do you think?

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