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Cancer Survivor’s “No Breastfeeding Zone” Has Surprisingly Powerful Meaning.

Taking on the role of “mom” is no small task and the last thing any new mama needs is to be shamed. Which is why one mama decided to stop the shaming before it even started.

Earlier this year, 28-year-old Meghan Koziel found out she was expecting a baby, good news after three years of “hardly any good medical news”.


In 2015, while planning her wedding with the “love of [her] life”, Meghan was diagnosed with breast cancer. She quickly went from researching vendors to researching doctors, from planning her honeymoon to making life-changing (and saving) decisions. One of those decisions was to go forward with a double mastectomy.


So, after years of medical treatments, anxiety, and exhaustion, Meghan knew she wanted pregnancy and motherhood to be as enjoyable as possible. Knowing she wouldn’t be able to breast feed her newborn, she came up with a brilliant way to stop anyone with opinions on formula feeding in their tracks.

She made a banner that hung over her hospital bed that read:

No Breast Feeding Zone
Though breast feeding is a very special task,
Please be aware before you ask,
Our miracle baby will be formula fed,
And it will not affect her future ahead.
This Mommy is a Survivor


Despite all the love and respect mamas have for each other, many moms still feel guilty for feeding their babies formula. Meghan wanted no part in that guilt. In fact, after posting the photo to her Instagram account, some people still felt the need to remind her of alternative options to formula (like getting breast milk from a donor). The new mom shut them down, too, and insisted that her baby is perfectly happy and healthy.


Kendra, Meghan’s new daughter, is one lucky girl to be raised by such a strong woman – in more ways than one.

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