Texas High School Opens Grocery Store Where Students Can Pay With Good Deeds.

All students and staff members in this North Texas school district have access to the essentials they need to get through the novel coronavirus pandemic — free of charge.

That’s because Linda Tutt High School opened a unique grocery store in the city of Sanger, where instead of paying for products with cash, their community can earn points which they then trade in. How do they rack up points? By performing good deeds!

Principal Anthony Love said the creative payment method “is about empowering our students.” Not only are they encouraged to show others kindness, but they also have a sense of control during this uncertain time.

“Many of them come from low socioeconomic families that need just a little extra support with food,” Anthony added.

The grocery store is open to students, staff, and families in the school district three days a week. They even offer a COVID-friendly curbside pickup on Tuesday nights! Families are automatically awarded points based on their family size, but students can help them earn more by helping out around the school, cleaning, or getting good referrals from their teachers.

The store is stocked through a partnership with First Refuge Ministries, Albertsons grocery store, and Texas Health Resources, but it’s operated and managed entirely by the students. After all, they “are really the key piece” to its growing success.

While the store’s purpose is to provide necessary items and food to families in need, it has the added benefit of giving its student “employees” valuable experience.

“I think the most exciting part of it is just teaching our kids job skills that they can carry with them as they graduate high school and move on into the world,” Anthony said.

What a brilliant way to support their community! Between providing essentials to families, giving kids job skills, and making their school a better place through good deeds, traditional businesses could learn a thing or two from this approach!

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