Student Turns Food Waste Into Colorful Solar Panels To Create Sustainable Energy.

College students around the world recently developed products and designs for a chance to win the James Dyson Sustainability Award.

The competition is stiff, as many of the brightest engineers and scientists compete for the prize. But while every entry was impressive, Carvey Ehren Maigue’s ultimately won — for good reason!

The 27-year-old from the Philippines has been studying at one of the country’s top engineering schools and is set to graduate soon. Throughout his time there, he learned plenty about design, which is what led him to create AuREUS System Technology. These solar panels are made from food waste and convert UV light into renewable energy, even on a cloudy day!

The science behind it is a bit confusing, but in Carvey’s words, “AuREUS is actually a material, or a technology, that allows other devices to harvest ultraviolet light and convert it into electricity. AuREUS is based on a plastic material, so it can be formed into different shapes.”

Of course, what really made his project stand out was its sustainability! In addition to producing renewable energy, Carvey said, “We upcycle the crops of the farmers that were hit by natural disasters, such as typhoons, which also happen to be an effect of climate change. By doing this, we can be both future-looking and solve the problems that we are currently experiencing now.”

While it’s clear to us that this product is special, Carvey was still caught by surprise when he found out he won the competition.

It took a few days for him to process the news, and he’s already looking at what he can create next!

“I was very happy because I know that through this award, I will be able to reach more people,” he added. “This is my second time applying, and through persistence, I managed to win. I’m very, very happy and excited that I have this chance.”

We hope this amazing invention reaches more people because it’s truly a game changer!

See his reaction to winning the award in the video below, and don’t forget to spread the word by sharing this story with your friends.

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