2-Yr-Old’s Adorable Way Of Thanking Mom Is The Positive Boost We Needed.

All parents try to instill good manners in their children every chance they get. Still, there’s only so much one can expect from a 2-year-old.

That’s not the case for a sweet toddler in Washington named Grey! Linda Meeker’s family has been enjoying a bit of viral fame ever since she shared a series of heartwarming videos on TikTok. They are proving that even our littlest ones are more than capable of being polite!


Ever since Grey learned to talk, Linda has encouraged him to express gratitude whenever someone helps him. He quickly became so good at it that she started recording videos every time she handed him a plate of food or a snack. Without fail, the sweet boy responds with, “Thank you, mama.”

While their newfound fans have commented on how unusual it is for a child this young to be so polite, Linda said it’s a result of practice. “I definitely taught him. I think it’s very important to be consistent and repetitive,” she added. “It’s the norm for him.”

Grey also picked up good manners by observing his parents. His mom and dad have made it a habit to thank each other, so Linda thinks Grey is also mimicking them. No matter where the behavior came from, one thing is clear: Grey is too cute for words each time he utters the kindhearted and courteous expression!


Good manners are so important for our little ones, and Grey here is showing everyone how it’s done. Great work, Meeker family!

Watch Grey’s adorable gratitude in action in the video below, and be sure to share this story with someone who needs a smile today.

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