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5-Yr-Old Performs 80 Back Handsprings In 1 Minute And Our Jaws Are On The Floor.

Li Jiamin was only 4 when she started practicing gymnastics with her dad, a martial artist.

Within three days of working on her moves, Li was able to bend over backward! She took to the sport like a fish takes to water, and now she trains for about two hours each day to improve her skills.

Now 5, Li is going viral thanks to a Twitter video of her performing an almost superhuman feat. In just one minute, Li did 80 (or more, by some counts) back handsprings in a row. That’s more than one flip a second!

The video has been shared over 9 million times so far, and the little girl from Xinzhou, China, is blowing people away all over the world. Li’s dad Kuaishou told South China Morning Post that his daughter works very hard and started practicing young, giving her an advantage.

“If she started training after the age of 12, she wouldn’t be able to do 80 flips continuously no matter how hard she tries,” he explained.

Li already has big dreams! The fierce little gymnast hopes to smash the world record for continuous back handsprings someday soon. The current Guinness World Record for most consecutive handsprings by a female is held by American JaLyssa Walker, who did 53 flips back in 2013. Watch out, JaLyssa! Li is coming for your title!

Even though Li is incredibly talented, she has no plans to enter the world of competitive gymnastics. Instead, her dad hopes she’ll continue the practice “as a hobby” while pursuing a more practical career in law enforcement or the military.

“I just want her to study hard and be an educated person, nothing else,” he said.

We’d say it’s only a matter of time before Li takes that title, wouldn’t you? She’s clearly an impressive athlete with a great work ethic!

Watch the viral video of Li doing 80 flips in a minute below, and don’t forget to share this jaw-dropping story.

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