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Let This Dog Remind Us To Slow Down And Appreciate Life’s Beautiful Moments

dog sunset

This video of a dog watching a beachside sunset can teach us all a lesson about slowing down and appreciating life’s small wonders.

Everyone gets caught up in the rush of life. Stress, bills, and endless plans often clutter our minds and steal our attention when beautiful things are happening all around us. But a soothing and sweet Instagram clip from Popculture is making people slow down and smile.

The clip shows a dog sitting on the beach, right in the surf. She lets the water wash against her as she watches a deep yellow sun setting in the distance. The dog doesn’t move an inch as she takes in the sights and sounds.

“Caught my girl taking it all in,” wrote the dog’s owner, Brooke Copeland.

The video shows Brooke’s perspective as she walks to stand beside her four-legged friend. The dog is so lost in the moment that she jumps when she notices Brooke. But she doesn’t let the interruption distract her for long. As soon as she realizes who is next to her, her eyes return to the sunset.

People in the comments can’t help but feel inspired by the dog’s embodiment of “peace.”

“So beautiful,” someone wrote. “What a treasured moment saved in time.”

“Such peace,” another swooned.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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